how much € must a citizen is entitled by law to all billings?

Hello, I would ne ask undzwar. The Jobcenter requires my father separation maintenance, it is not to be paid in the location. Him remain about 480 € 2000 € net of all billings such as rent, maintenance for my sister, and so left. I've heard is to be a law how much a citizen at least 900 € or to live so need or was that just blarney stupid. Search one experienced of is familiar with it. No time for stupid answer! Thanks in advance people :)

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to pay someone, the maintenance for another person, this has over a "deductible"

Ich habe mal gehört das ein Gesetz geben soll wie viel ein Bürger mindestens 900€ oder so zum leben braucht

This "excess" is there that the debtor can pay them his own living expenses (food, rent, electricity, telephone, clothes, car, insurance.

Depending on who to pay maintenance, the deductible is vary.
(Opposite minor children is the example 1080 Euro, adult children claim maintenance, the deductible rises towards them at 1300 euros ...)
When separation maintenance of this deductible is 1200 Euro.

If you are asked by someone "separation maintenance", he needs this so to only pay if it still remain more than 1200 euros from its "adjusted" net income after deduction of child support.

there were times 900 Euro, now it is 1080 Euro and must remain one as deductible from income for spousal support even more. From his 2000 euros net yet go the child maintenance payments from for your sister and possibly for you? So he has far more than the 480 euros that remain to him, for things like rent, debts and bills are of course his thing that he has to pay the deductible.

Your father therefore must prove his income and child support payments that he makes and then calculate whether he has to pay separation maintenance. The Job Center

I've heard is to be a law how much a citizen at least 900 € or to live so need or was that just blarney stupid.

That's right. But this is not the amount of the rent is etc. already deducted. But including the rental cost.

is about 900Euro must remain him. but that heist and the living room and have his expenses as may be appropriate. if it is on the rent he has to seek a more favorable flat or reduce its expenditure

Since you have heard correctly, the livelihood must be your father.

€ 900 euro to live? that is the tax allowance for ALG I! he has more than enough to live for themselves, who may even be what the rates of payment!

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