How much oats for this Endmaßpony?


ve already googled but think unfortunately not precise. How much oats (besides mineral feed) would you recommend for the following horse described situation?

  • Endmaßpony
  • 12 Years Old
  • schwerfuttrig
  • Mix of Welsh and American Quarter Horse
  • 3-4x a week light work (1-2 hours grounds with predominantly step or possibly rare times 45 minutes Space, loose work on E-level)

Of course you can never say exactly and define, but you can by giving me calm your assessment. This I will only take as a guide, and of course to be adapted to the pony or horse small, especially when I realize that it has different needs. So do not worry that I will strictly einhalte your recommendations and the poor animal is too little / much given. ;)

LG and thank you :)

The best answer

Good hay - almost around the clock - from a close-meshed hay net.

Otherwise the dear little animal needs more exercise and more work.

Also I would recommend you here to feed no oats for the horse actually works too little. If you have bangs, however an eater is "bad", then helps only quality cereal .... not this Maismix etc. But you St. Hippolytus - for the winter, the structure Energetikum and from spring - summer I feed the sport internationally. At least it would be an attempt even worth ... good luck :-)

None at all, light work goes much hay + mineral feed.

Oats is not necessary!

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