How much raw meat needs a 11 months old dog per day?

It weighs 42kg and at the moment is still growing. Is a rottweiler dogo argentino mix.

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After Prey (prey principle) is calculated as follows :, if you do not give all the prey:

2-3% of the final weight of what he will have time. The amount had to try that one need 2 that next even 4%. Usually between 2-3%.

80% of it is meat (preferably much red meat u. Incl. 15-25% fat), 10% pure bone (Attention eg chicken necks consist of half meat and half bone, so one half of the meat), 10% Interiorlive ( ideally 5% liver, kidney 2.5%, 2.5% spleen).

If meat is fed from the factory farms, always a Schucker Salmon Oil to.

Grease is the dog dependent. Dogs with little energy for example, old dogs need 15%, dogs with a lot of energy 25%, normal dog 20%. This is not added but must be included in the 80% meat. Depending on the type of meat so you have to do to grease to get on the percentages.

One does not need every day to feed anything - except in puppies up to 6 year. It feeds all within a month. However, the amount of grease should be daily, since it needs the dog for its energy.

I make the amount of fat depending on the day. Were we travel a lot, the dogs are much running there is more.

That was it - more need not be. Anyone who wants to can add feed fur and blood. Fell well as crude fiber ie Hundi should not digest well, give a little fur.

My getting off and on a bovine ear, hare runs or lamb ears.

Of course you can also enter all the prey - but need not.

Hi, I hope you know that the only meat is not sufficient to errechen the amounts there are on the side of a barf calculator

Note degree in young dogs that the results presented are only averages and your dog individually specifies the amount. You should as least 1 times a week to perform a weight control and then adjust if it decreases or increases greatly the amount.

The daily requirement of a dog at the BARF consists of 80% animal products or meat and 20% of plant products. 2% -3% of the body weight is fed at en dog, it depends on whether your dog is a normal weight.

Are you talking now pure muscle meat or the prey itself?

In a young dog in size, which is still growing, I would stay with 2.5-3% of body weight, unless he accepts thereby greatly increases or decreases, then you should feed amount upwards or downwards adjust.

Must confess we do not preyen, we Barfen only and my dog ​​was already grown when I got it.

Would you otherwise the Prey group recommended on Facebook, or links to the page of Frankenprey. As you will surely helped best.

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