How much resistance at a scooter rectifier? (Diode test)

I have a problem with a scooter. It invites not the battery.

Now I got the tip that I should sometimes see the rectifier. The scooter has a 12 volt power grids. For more information do I add here a diagram of a with:

When measuring with the diode test I could measure the following values:

Red terminal of the multimeter to the positive terminal of the rectifier: on Black:

  • AC 1: infinity
  • AC 2: infinite
  • Negative: infinite

Black terminal of the multimeter to the negative terminal of Glechrichters: Red on:

  • AC 1: 469
  • AC 2: 461
  • Negative: 1024

If these values ​​are okay? Which unit I measure there actually?

The best answer

Who gives for such advice? First, the rectifier is only one of many parts can make his "partners" for your mistake. Secondly, it is not known what type of rectifier. Third, do not need the diode test, as there are alternative methods of measurement.

Which battery voltage is because to measure the battery? If this voltage is measured also at terminal 30 to ground? If so, at least the assurance intervening is fine ;-)

Do you have a network device that is at 14 volts set and indicates how much current flows? If so, the terminal times correct polarity between terminal 30 and ground. then flows charging current and how much? So Does the issue of whether the battery is self-ever rechargeable ;-)

I would want to measure voltages, from the battery charging voltage source direction, so part of the motor winding. And once each dc measurement range and also in the AC voltage measuring range.

So if the rectifier can not judge the same, for whatever reason, the question would be open if you can load a DC battery with AC ;-)

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