How ninmt to my dog?

What can I give my dog ​​so that it increases? Rice, pasta, potatoes?

The best answer

What you feed up to date?

We Barfen and have the fat easily adapted in such cases upwards slightly. This increases each dog, unless you have a high-performance athletes. The one can sometimes give carbohydrates in the form of potatoes. Cereal of any kind I would completely exclude from the diet plan, because by Zuckerhunde be rather hibblig instead that they take. In addition, cereals, especially in the amounts which are often fed to date, not very good for dogs and humans.

My dog ​​is a dog with affection of asparagus Tarzan ... ^^ He is gebarft. Cereal he gets regularly never, at most times as buying Leckerlie of other people. He can not tolerate it. Potatoes he tolerate and like them also - but only with potatoes it is nothing to ... ^^

He got something on the ribs, after I started, not raw feed one meal a day! For breakfast he gets fat chicken soup with carrots, turnips and celery steamed and pürriert with greasy chicken skin.

Also, I verfütter as Lecker much fat, well-marbled rib cross. So he holds at least its weight! :)

In addition there are daily doses of Quark (full fat :), yogurt (also full fat :) and a potpourri of various oils which alternate daily ...

best with high-fat fresh meat (much gefleugel with ahust / lammflisch etc ... 0

please no canned and dry food mix -the tolerate dogs all bad!

Ever thought of it to feed meat? The dog will increase if you increase the food ration and the fat percentage adjusts the high end.

Why should take with him? I would say: eat healthy!

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