How often can one dog swimming?

My in-laws have a dog to bathe only once every 14 days. My often one may not. Is that correct?

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A dog should be bathed only when it really stinks, does that bathed in a slurry puddle or the like, or if it is totally silted and even then it should be washed with clean water. My dog ​​was in the 10 years he was 4 all put time in the bath and it was washed 2 times with shampoo because it smelled beastly with me!

I have my dog ​​in 6 years At most bathed 6 times. In summer it is often swim but that's another story. It is to be absolutely unhealthy for a dog constantly bathed!

I bathe my only wenns no other way. Never simply bathe a dog like that. Dogs tolerate not good and get skin problems. Even if he sometimes completely einschlammt itself I shower him just come over, so that the dirt comes out, but not bathe if possible, even with soap.

I wash my dog ​​(Golden Retriever) if it is dirty after the walk, only with a watering can in the garden with lukewarm water. Dog shampoo we use only in exceptional cases (eg if it stinks of manure). It is otherwise clean, and has a neutral odor fur, so it need not be.

to bathe only every 14 days

just? Why bathe the dog ever so often?

Dogs should swim only in exceptional cases because shampoo destroys the natural protective layer of the dog!

Tell your Schiegereltern that bathing anything but healthy for the dog!

That should not even as often as they do. Dogs should not be bathed, unless it is unavoidable. For example, he has sicih rolled in Aas,

With each bath, the protective layer of the skin is destroyed. That you harm and can lead to skin problems.

I bathe my, if it is necessary only. This is one probably 3 x prior year.

Nevertheless, it is clean.

My dog ​​has now taken the first bath after about 3 years. The reason was "wallowing in a foul-smelling fluid"!

In rainy weather, there is an underbody wash with clean water and otherwise it will be brushed! He does not smell and has super nice shiny coat ;-)

As often as necessary, but as little as possible. Otherwise it harms the natural protection of the skin. Top with lukewarm water. In between the fur brush better.

One should not at all "bathe" a dog !! Only occasionally rinse with clean water when they are dirty from: outsider!

"Just"? Dogs should only bathe when absolutely necessary, every 14 days is far too often.

A dog needs to bathe only 1-2 times a year! It is he has strong skin problems or has become extremely eingesaut.

Eig. Dogs should only every 14 days swimming, but it should be times dirty, it will not hurt if you bathe him once! ;-)

"Only" every 14 days ?! What do you mean how many times the dog must be bathed ?!

Well, if he regularly rolling in the dirt, it must be cleaned but otherwise it every 14 days too often.

Not ... except he has rolled in dung.

My will if it comes up once showered in.

Why your dog is bathed every 2 weeks

In my 12 and was I think 3x in the tub.

Why swim if not dirty. Is not good for the dog skin.

The dog's coat has a natural oil, which repels dirt and moisture. Frequent bathing, this protective layer is destroyed - and they needed so about six weeks to recover. The swim is well-intentioned but not necessary. Except the dog has gewältzt in pile of dirt it is not without bathing.

Especially puppies should be no earlier than bathe in the 12th week but only when it really needs to be.

Only if the fur is very dirty, smells strongly or scale, is recommended to bathe in the tub. Otherwise also reaches the low brush of filth.


Until they begin to dissolve, then you should stop.

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