How often to wash hair color out there?

I dye since 1/2 years my natural blond hair brown. How many times a day / week do I have to wash my hair'm the brown color is washed out?

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Good evening OnlyCaptainSwan.

It all depends on whether you have your hair brown tinted or colored.

If the former is true, the color washes out after a maximum of six.

If the latter is the case, you use is washed anything. You can only wait until the color has grown out, or to let your hair to your natural hair color "recolor".

I hope I could help.

LG Azuna :)

Washing will not help unless you are doing the bor Wash new color it xd: D

Correct color and not drown? That you do not get washed out. You gotta grow out.

If you have your hair dyed and really not only tinted, then the color wash not get out. You have to unfortunately wait until your blond hair grown back.

A tint normally washes out after 6-8 weeks.

The "tints" where you can get in drugstores wash generally almost not out ...

If you have your hair dyed properly wash brings nothing: P because you have to wait until the paint out is growing. In a tone goes out relatively quickly :)

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