How old is a medium sized dog?

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Normal healthy medium dogs actually have a fairly long life expectancy - sit at the times at +/- 15 years ...

Large dogs of giant breeds such as German Mastiff, Mastiff, Landseer, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, etc. aging earlier ... With 10 years these dogs are already old.

The shortest life expectancy have broken bred mini pooch and Platt snouts and the dog with bulging eyes ...

It all depends on the breed of a Labrador is about 12 years old but I know one who has become 17 years of age who is so durchnitt 12-15 years

A dog can be for 20 years or more with good entertainment and food.

I think it depends more on the race or? However, there are sites on the Internet there is the age and size of certain breeds, google just once

Know which have become around 20, so you should already calculate and do not think I plan time for the next 10 years after that I'm free again!

As old as all dogs. As if that would depend on the size of ...

My knee high Mongrel (Terrier Beagle Mix) was unfortunately only 11 years. Now I have a Husky, which is this year. 13 Unfortunately, he has epilepsy despite medication. He also has back problems. He's just an old man. I hope that he still has a few good years.

Mine is medium in size, exactly to the knees, and is an Austrian Pinscher. Life expectancy is 14 years with him. But I do also like the others that it is racial Depending

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