how persuaded you to buy his mother a dog?

So I would like a dog, and my mother, too, but she thinks that the dog too much time takes time. Therefore, I need to convince an idea to my mother.

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Coaxing not, thou shalt though convincing. Believe me, a dog really needs a lot of time, it's a baby that never grows up is. Did you actually thought about how ausschauen the cost? As it is in a few years? Who cares about him so long you are away at work or at school or elsewhere. Sit still together and hands out the tasks among you, Discuss everything, making a list that he would take everything etc. Go to a shelter and has regularly dogs. I know many people from the shelter, the states have a sponsor dog, because the kids really wanted a dog but the parents had now times and cope mind that. People have a dog picked they should treat them like her own, so every day to come, etc., regardless of the weather. And what do you think now about the children? She does not even interested in the dog, and people do not want to separate because it would be stressful for both sides from him. Is it out regularly in an animal shelter, no matter the weather, where it leads dogs, maybe your mother likes then even one where she thinks just ". Oh man, we are soulmates" Talk to your mother again thoroughly on this subject, but before you think about again myself and make myself a list of the tasks, costs, etc. Maybe you get yourself rather then first one from the shelter, because many there did not know as much time, affection and love.

I have now been four weeks my first dog. Before that I have read about the 100 dog books, for 4 years only talked about dogs that my mother finally allowed in hope. In addition I had 3 walk dogs for a walk, what I have pulled almost every day (2 Aussies and 1 Terrier, so rather strenuous dogs, of which I could happily take what what my current dog benefits.). but did not help. Although My mother loved dogs, but thought we would just could not manage. Where we had 2 years ago schonmal love us in TH and prop would have been the perfect dog for us, we then but a day later they wanted to pick up, she was taught -.- Then died our 20 year old cat, which we totally loved. Is super bad for me, but my mother was characterized more and more interest in the subject dog. Then I first go all planned Gassi and daily routine and have my grandma is blowing. So it was that a each morning 1 1/2 hours Gassi goes (still very fit) and the other watching on vacation or if we even do not have time. So also the temporal was released. My mother was thrilled that they theoretically do not hear the dog and does not see (yes exaggerated

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