How quickly learn Russian for free?

I want to learn Russian but free and fast, how?

The best answer

Tip: You sometimes at Lingvopolis to Russian. =>

- "We believe all that everyone should have access to free language learning materials in their own language, because only the learning of several languages ​​allows us to culture and to understand each other and appreciate the heritage of others." -

So you can have at the library Dictionaries borrow / movies (if something is with you) with German subtitles. Maybe you know yes someone who can Russian and you free something might bebringen :) However, the language is difficult because there are soft / hard characters there and some is pronounced differently than it is written. Another tip:

There is the internet videos and blogs where you can learn other languages ​​and also determines Russian;) Hope I could help you.

If the link does not work are in google

I'd advise you Dota 2 or CSGO to play because you learn Russian fluently in not even one week. Dota 2 is even free on Steam

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