How's life with a dog?

Hello community! I very much a dog, my parents have already allowed me and we did everything well thought out, I have really been generally informed me very intensely about dogs, my father is dog out, etc., but ... ... I'm worried that I might not might manage to make the new family member a good life, even if I get support from my parents and even other dogs experienced people. That's why I wanted to ask how life is with dog and if you possibly me the dog owners among us. Could describe your daily routine and cost.

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I think that's great that you make you the idea. Well then I'll write los:

  • up 8 am and go out with the dogs - about 45 minutes
  • then I go to work and take them with - they are usually with me under the desk
  • I go 11 to 13 clock with them 1.5 / 2 hours walking together often with other dogs. In foul weather I am sure then again per dog 10min employs reasonably clean get
  • noon they usually sleep. From time to time they also run around, let caress of other or playing with their toys or together (2)
  • I walk among 18 and 19 o'clock again about 45 minutes walk
  • about 24 pm there is again a Pipirunde 15 min
  • then there is food for the dogs (they only get once a day -. This is but only in dogs that are at least 1 year old).

Saturdays and Sundays the daily routine usually equal only that I go running often 3 times with other dogs together - often there are 10 dogs.

One must walk - whatever the weather!

I have a breed that are not working dogs, so I need not worry for impoverish. I have not run a dog sport or the like. In various other breeds can or must this be done.

Holidays always called Dogs leave - that always come with. The same goes for my free time. I'll only people who also have dogs or where at least mine are welcome.

And you should buy a puppy - then the daily routine looks times quite different. Then it's out at the beginning of every 2 hours - even at night. We must educate them, deal with them, feed them 3-4 times a day, etc. - not an easy task and time consuming.


These depend on the size of the dog, clearly a small eats less than a large dog.

  • Taxes (these are from district to district - from € 20 to € 200, - and for dogs list up to 800, - per year amount). I pay 100, - per year
  • Dog liability is not in some Länder mandatory in some. But you should conclude definitely one. I have a abgeschlosen along with a dog-OP and pay € 22, - per month. Surgical insurance is advantageous because an OP fast times 2000 - and more can cost.
  • Lining: my feed about 70, - per month per dog (I feed raw)
  • Reserves for example vet € 50, -

So I come to € 150, - without Treats (there are not with us). With this award I'm quite well, because it is a medium-sized dog costs about 150, - per month. However, I have larger dogs (26 and 34kg) but by the raw diet I am favorable to it even though it's healthier.

Often, however, come costs added. Especially when Hundi is sick or old, I had until December even an old bitch. Osteoarthritis had etc. The veterinarian can not always help, and thus pays a dog health insurance (you should because a have) not everything. I gave her some good natural supplements that have helped very great - but it costs money, of course - certainly a month once € 20, -.

But it takes an initial as bowls, dog bed, dog leash, collar, dishes, toys, etc. - there are fast 100-200 € away.

A dog does not come cheap and you should not save too, because if you buy eg cheap dogfood, Hundi is sick and can also aged have more problems - does not want to and it costs again.


eingies depends on the breed, the age and indiv. character of the dog. For my I pay every month roundabout € 120. If I umlege the meantime purchases to one year.

I personally Kannes me without a dog not imagine know it but frankly also not (counting the longest time in my life without such a creature are 2 months and the birth from on)

Nevertheless, despite it can sometimes be deadly exhausting and nerve-wracking, and breaks and planning must be designed accordingly. Spontaneously disappear for the whole day to the swimming pool or ne night long pull with friends around the Häusr, then advance tricky. Also, one should not underestimate that a lot in the education can go wrong, and then it really can be very stressful (especially if the joy is lost)

On working days:

Early high, most four-thirty and another round with the dog

Dog to bring acquaintances (he läudt day on the farm / premises with mates with)

Dog pick up after work and run a round

Throughout Haushaltskram do, eat and what sonstn yet so obtained

Vorm sleep still a "round the block"

On days I'm partly an entire day with the dog on the go, be it on excursions (hiking, swimming, cycling, etc.) at the horse, during training or or or. Since a lot of time goes on it, but also makes great fun. You have to stop it you really want, then it will be super :-)

So a dog can of course be a lot of fun but also requires a lot of effort. Especially puppies need a lot of affection and want depending on character play all the time. You have to make first housebroken and make you focus on it he does Initial still in the apartment the dog. Always feed must be, and it must be paid to healthy nutrition of the dog. Once he is housebroken he must gassi go about 3 times a day. Morning that is usually always get early. Once the dog old enough (very young dogs are usually outside either anxious or threatened) is he will probably want to get out and play. He must be vaccinated repeatedly during the first year and, depending on how you want it / neutered kkannst. He also needs a comfortable place to sleep. And he must learn to behave. Hope the little insight helps you and a lot of fun if you kriegtst the dog and take care on him!

Hello HundiiFreakii!

Welcome to! But since you is a good first question succeeded!

Life with a dog is varied in any case! My dog ​​I have now almost 3 1/2 years, he moved as a puppy in with me. And frankly I found the puppy and young dog time quite demanding ...

... I mean, you cute, consider themselves to God and have not for five Pfennig brain behind the forehead fur ... ^^ You think they understand every word and they kidding yourself after line and thread ... ^^

Then they get older and if you have not made ​​any big mistakes, they are eager to you to be a good friend!

Daily schedule and cost ...

A dog wants to be alone as he is unhappy pack animal! Therefore I bring my family in a guest house when I get in situations where he can not be there .. This actually makes the highest costs, 28 Euros per day.

Another cost item are vet bills, the one must necessarily plan My dog had a puppy / young dog paws various injuries -.! The adds up ...

To reply to your question at last:

Life with a dog is great! :) The daily schedule is, you lot hangs around in the fresh air, an exercise in composure and always has a reason to grin! :)

Friendly greetings from the bag child

Nice that you've decided on a dog at the shelter there are very nice and love dogs;) As 1. Getting up early in the morning to go for a walk then he gets his breakfast during the day you should deal with it, that is walking, playing, new teach commands one probably also do something like agility or mantrailing) then gets the go dog again to eat something later and just walk in the evening again. About costs I can say that it vllt € 50 a month but it depends we size the dog is, what food you buy ..... Hope I could help you;)

The dog is indeed man's best friend;) Your life will change completely :) In positives - meaning: D I have more than 4, and believe me, without a dog is not worth living; D If you want that your dog is happy, you have to just leave him his dog: ^) also educate course :)) My bounce around in the yard and never have to do what: 3

Ok so I'm 15 and have my own dog. You must first times to be expected that a dog much does and much time needs. but I advise you frankly it zuzulegen own dog from you .. I know it sounds a bit brutal but I am because my dog ​​has often fared not at home because my parents anyway to watch when I'm on him in school. We have a huge garden but sometimes it is still too much to me. However, it is also great to spend time with him but I believe I have something rashly LG maraaia

How long would the dog stay because alone? I assume that your parents full-time is employed.

The daily routine with us is as follows:

Preparing morning feed and pack go Spatzier morning: 20 - 60 minutes depending on layer to work driving including dog lunch: 60 Min Spatzieren go with Dummytraining Back to the desk.. At home dog employ 30 minutes. Sniffer works and Obedience Shortly before going to sleep behind the house to solve again.

Are daily at least 1.5 hours to do. On weekends usually 3 or more.

All this regardless of the weather. On weekends similar, except that we took a walk longer and also tracks lay etc. Hundeschule etc are also included.

Costs incurred following:

  • 5.83 Euro dog tax (Our community requires 70, - Euro per year)
  • 5.92 Euro liability
  • 35.00 Euro Feed (We Barfen)
  • 37.90 health insurance
  • 30,00 reserves (necessary here due to medication, but should also be otherwise, of course)

Are almost 120, - Euro. My dog ​​weighs 16kg.

Having a dog is hard and expensive, but worth the effort.

That you have already experienced yourself, but with proper care and education you will love your dog.

Dogs are simply the best friends: D

Many pet food already contains fundamentally harmful substances, so you often have to the vet over the years. It depends on what race you you zulegst since. The dog you give a long and healthy life by giving him raw meat. You erhälts the butcher / butcher or even as the mercury in frozen products for animals. Aufjedenfall come as more cost together than normal food, but I give my dogs just the best. Especially Panzen (stomach contents of animals) very healthy and popular with dogs.

Eggshells zermalen add every few days, good calcium for bone formation. Add frozen berries mixed well with carrots in small portions.

Healthiest life for man's best friend!

Read this :

http: // ...

So you should have time. Very much in all areas such as the dog learns to walk the dog, Stuben should be pure, commands such as seat barks come here etc can and he knows that as you indeed the best friend are but still standing over him. And no matter what the dog! Hitting, occur or be stuck as a punishment in a Box is never good! If he does what times he is not so then you can the dog in advance but do not pack halt injured. And the most important is ... Dogs at least mine is like a baby: D He always allowed attention and Verfressen until it no longer (why even during the day as 1+ hour / s go for a walk.

If you have any questions then answer me calm I have my dog ​​already 4 years;)

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