How should I administer suppositories my daughter?


My daughter had a hernia and would now operates, last night before the op she scored a suppository and is very good to sleep because you had a lot of theater and has not come to rest. At first she said to me, I will not go to sleep with something like that, but after 30 minutes, everything was different, but now it wants to get not at all, but it would have come to rest. What can I do?

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Dear Anita, briefly dip suppository with the tip in hot water - then it hits the best and does not hurt. Immediately the buttocks squeeze firmly, so that the suppository not return mail popped back ...

Must it necessarily be a suppository? Gibts because no juice or syrup to the pediatrician?

LG and a lot of success ...

If she is still in hospital'll ask the nurses for an alternative.

Are you already at home, you can help vlt., If you feel for once put and vlt to bed. which reads You have to spread yourself rest, otherwise it will never what.

It is problematic because the more you administered, the more you need the next time ... Well, it would be this only to use when it is urgently needed.

I would have said, you use it when she falls asleep, but you use it so that they fall asleep: D

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