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Hi, I know that there are such questions to thousands, but it's just the way that it is never true one hundred percent on a, so I wanted my situation describe and ask for advice: I (15 years) was a year long-term in a relationship with a well 15 that goes in my parallel class. He was my first boyfriend and my feelings for him were very strong, I felt very connected to him. However, he changed the course of time or changed his attitude towards me, looked at the relationship as a 'course' and he encouraged all to what I was doing. I tried to please him and of course I was often too upset because I lacked the affection and I felt alone. Eventually, he told me he did not know if he still love me and if he wants to be with me (I have a very long time to get him to tell me his real feelings) and I was very hurt. Anyway, he broke up (I could neither sleep nor eat) and came after a week again said that he still loves me and it was a big mistake. Thereupon 'fought' I to him, because I knew now that he has feelings for me (which was supposed to show me that it makes no sense, since he has not fought me) and we got back together for two weeks in he has but 'exploited' me virtually only. He's gone for several days in his homeland and has noted there that I was not missing him, he does not miss me and he is interested in another, why he broke up again. This time I could handle it better and it is now a month ago, but I still hang on him or needs a day to think about him, which is exacerbated by the fact that I see him every day. Since then I have self-doubt and feel very alone, but me not sink in self-pity and have distracted friends stands with me also high on the 'to-do' list. Since I really do not have experience in such matters, and I feel pretty uncomfortable, I wanted to ask you whether you have any tips, something that has helped you or stories that you can tell her all what you want. I do not know really whether the separation is my fault or if I was not good enough, anyway, I got a little scared not get over him or to find no one (at least in my 'younger'). Thank did you read this text, and if you have any advice as I (general or school) to behave or what I should do I would be very grateful me. Lg, Lanolin17.

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Hi, I am 16 years old and know that feeling just good enough. You now expect maybe GREAT SOLUTION, but there is I think even nicht.Ich did everything possible attempts: alcohol, other guys etc. Maybe you know as saying: Time heals all wounds. And so it really is. But do definitely what with your friends and do not hear songs Depri special Party songs, I think that's good. It is also very important that you always threading tail you remember that he has hurt you, never think of the good times: NEVER !!!

I hope I could help you somehow, can contact me you like. Good luck and remember: Always keep your head up, otherwise falls the crown down :)

Hey, I once had the same situation .. It is of course difficult to get over, but this usually passes after ner time! Trying to ignore him, no boy is worth, that is due to him on the ground. after a few months he's forgotten attempt to distract you and to stay out of the way! your friends you will already exist in the situation and help you quickly over him! Heads up :)

Hello. I want to be honest but the way you tell that he has only exploited you. Of course it hurts Women are more sensitive. Although I did so already read stories of guys. But you've tried you. Did he sometimes did what or endeavors. Does not seem like that. Of course it hurts. But that passes. And you're so young you are guaranteed to find someone again. Earned Someone of you. I also find it great that you do not verkriechst you and continue with friends doing what. This shows a certain strength. That he is in the coset is stupid but not to change a little. Attempt to ignore him. unfortunately What else is not. For that you have no experience with separation you're doing great. I would say he has exploited you from the start. Your list is great. If he comes your way ignore him or tell friendly hello. He will not know what hit him when you do not burst into tears. You can believe me. You have a healthy sensible attitude for your age and I am sure you need not take long until you're over him. And the fear to get no more you can forget. Get someone will run into who appreciates you for sure. You're only 15 you have plenty of time. I wish you much strength you have and so all the best.

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