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Hey, so we write soon a coursework in which we are to build a model house in the Bauhaus style. Now we have agreed on a model, but do not know how to adjust 1. plastered 2. What we could build the walls etc. 3. What should we do windows. Would be really great if you could only give meaningful answers and not simply a stupid remark or something like '' kp ''. Thanks for your help . Ps. It should be as cheap and fast can be done because we have only 6 lessons time for it.

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As it is with sand / earth (depending on grain size) and color of the plaster?

Cardboard: from craft store 1mm, for cutting: wallpaper knife 9mm. Color: Plakacolors

Since it does not need a structure on the facades! The Plaka color -As long as fresh on one side - stipple with a shoe brush Immediately wash again -. For the next page.

Sandpaper - white underline FTER yes, plywood as support material would sinnvoll.Noch easier it goes with plasterboard with glue and sprinkle with sand .So what like better.

  1. Cleaning could make it with plaster
  2. Walls could you make with wood or cardboard
  3. For the window you could either take films or plastic or real glass.

For walls I'd take paperboard in baumarkt .. window you can reply with hard folienund the kafeemischstäbchen in mc donalds to cut .. And the putz take schleifpapir and make it plain looking at :)

Fastest goes with Gabon plywood, Weil is not as hard and heavy, glue, small nails and emulsion paint.

More I can not guess, because I do not know how great and precise detail the model has to be.

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