How should I go on? What can I do?

Hi I have a problem with my mother, they have not always had easy also advocates ind everything so as you would expect from good parents. But the problem is, if for example, cold in the apartment once ... I'm to blame, if the car will not start, I am guilty ... I'm just always to blame for everything! Second thing is, we argue at all crap! To socks to every small crap! Also it is only the whining. Only the nagging! Also, I'm worried she Smoke and Smoke as anything ... And not JSST a fruit a day! That should not be a denigration against her but I'm worried about it !! Now my question is what should I do so that the better? FYI my mother is not 80 or so she is 49 years old. I thank you ever for your advice and answers.

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So when my mother would be so I'd first in peace with her to talk about it, and if that does not work, I'd go to the youth office or to any person or organization that can help you lg snake_bumble - (Jonas)

Hi! You are not to blame for these things. The even know your mother. Do not argue about it with her. You probably stand there with the nerves and therefore they may soon himself no longer. Helping her. Faith ye not what they all accuse you that. These are the irritated nerve. Give her time a little thing. If it is on whining, they take time in his arms. Have you ever done this before in the past few years? Do that. It will do her good. You also. When she cries, let them cry. The relaxed and doing the nerve well. Prepare her time to a valerian. Or buy for them valerian pills at the drugstore or pharmacy. but no drop because much alcohol is in it. If she does not eat fruit, then get you juice. But what clever. You'll see that all the turns in time to pos. But do not expect immediate improvement.

Give yourself no means persuaded that you're to blame for everything that trying my parents with me! I find it admirable that you you such worry about them doing so even though they deal with you, respect. You might like to talk to her and tell her that you do worry you. & Maybe you should you sometimes offer fruit if you eat something and if she says no then tell her that that is healthy & blablabla. Good luck

Your mother is old enough. You alone can decide whether she smokes or what may eat.

That you shall always be to blame, are you talking about you a determined. If your mother happens a mishap, they will be angry and scold. You do not think so, I think now just.

A defiant takes two ......

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