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Hi (especially on the boys / men among you) So :) I've learned so nen guys know, it is actually quite nice. We arrived relatively quickly together (ie so after calming week or so: D) and then ran the okay. Then he stopped to sign, so for some days not, and I believe in face time he has always pushed me when he agreed my heard. Eventually I then heard that he is expecting a child from his ex nem Andren buddy. He told me that he now has to back away from his parents and move has in another city and there is no other way, because I knew that but not yet. I got it then written quite often and also aggressive and angry, at some point he has then confirmed and meant that he did with her. Tries (to the bbabys sake) Well, I was somehow not quite so sad so already, but not really fat heartache were only two / three weeks. then made Hab halt, new friend and so it all. For some time (as the end of January until yesterday) he once wrote to me as two / three and opened me that it did not work with his ex and flirted with me (great voice, singing beautifully, etc). Meinte even if it would one day again work with us and I was unsure. Have then telephoned yesterday and he said he logs on again (has brought food with friends) but he has not yet done so far. Since ichs not understand now somehow. On the one hand it tries to reclaim me (he knows I'm taken back) and spamming me and all that, but then I'm apparently not worth if it is to write to me again (mainly because he he said reports then again). What should I think of that? He Fooled me just all the time (I know that he already knew that with the baby when we were zsm, so says my pal) or he is serious? Should I ever go still on? What is the purpose you (men) so that when you do something? Thank ye all have read and I hope you have an idea.

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I think it's so obvious. You are for him no more than a stopgap. First he goes with you into a relationship, then he returns to the Ex, noted that it does not work, and now he wants to have you back. Whether you have a boyfriend or not, to not at all interested. Accordingly, it is just about to reach its destination and no later than in a few weeks you're back off or when the next get to know and does not work well, he comes back to you. It really is convenient. So you're not alone and has something for bed.

Do you mean "come together for a week" with: you then you had sex? Then there is what he wants with you. Not more. If you can do that to you, and always jump when he logs on, you prepare him the fun he wants ;-)

His whole behavior shows you but it very clear that he does not really care about you. If you have some self-pride and self-confidence, you do not do with this game. Or do you see it also as a very non-binding gimmick, do it with and expect nothing more from him.

Will complement short time that not everyone does, but I think that he wants to hold out yourself. If it then does not work with his ex and he does not want to stand alone. Is especially not grade very "correct" him because anyway degrees awarded are. The best you can do better with him and perform your current relationship just continues.

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