How should I proceed to mite a dog?

I want to get a dog like me, but have no plan as you have to take care of one. Help me!!!!!!!!!

The best answer

by dog ​​attitude and violent (!) pet education, there are many good books in the animal learn publisher! you can easily also provide detailed information in an animal shelter or at a dog school, what you need to know everything - but in addition to school and a next job is your biggest problem is that you then for a dog too little time - a day at least 2-3 large gassi round due (about 2-3 hours) and often small pee breaks .. to educational untraningszeiten ... etc

My tip Apply now times as gassigeher in enem animal shelter

There are dog schools that offer that, a prior consultation completely that you need and what is important, what you're getting into. Something you can visit times.

But, as I saw in another post, you may not watch television. Then you are not yet old enough to ever get you a dog.

Clarify this with your parents if they can afford it financially and time only once. A dog costs about 150 euros a month and one should it never be longer than 4 hours alone, which is usually not possible with full-time jobs. He also requires at least 1.5 hours outlet + brainwork and the day, no matter what the weather.

That you should be clear in advance. about what the hold speech once with your parents about it.

Keeping a dog is a "big issue" because dogs are pflegeintesiv, time consuming and costly!

Best you bleißt up relevant websites by professionals times and circulated current dog books! :) One can here namely maybe all list ...

But I can tell you:

Wie gehe ich am besten mite einem Hund um?

Answer: not as a people! Most people humanize their dog too much and then wonder that he does not hear! Or worse: they do not notice time as they forgave him :(

by du mal buy yourself books and will inform you. If one tells you here how to take care of a dog, you write to dead.

Go him to the library or book shop and buy yourself books.

Dogs are time consuming and expensive. You have min. 3 times a day to get out and depend on you.

buy yourself the best a couple of books about canine education and look so at shows such as for example the dog Whisperer or whatever heisen these broadcasts on vox. they will help you further

Hi! A good advice: when you want to (still) do not know, then let it be - if you do not know what you're getting into something, falling and here especially the dog is always on the snout.

Inform yourself first comprehensive, go to a shelter and help there with in the dog care and lead times over a longer period of dogs. Here you realize already, what is important and what it means to take care of a dog.

And then definitely dog ​​school, so that the master / mistress is learning how to deal with a dog and educates him.

That would be a sensible plan. Greeting Don

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