How should I take the tablets and 2 knots at the poll with 14 what is wrong with me?

Hello, I have since Monday a swollen lymph nodes on the left side of the neck was already at the doctor and gave me amoxicillin so antibiotics 1000mg and 600mg ibuprofen prescribed my first question is whether I can take the two together, I take the tablets since yesterday am 14 and weigh 48kg. Besides, I could hardly sleep all weekend and this night was not got me stuffed like I was high. Have just the neck on the right side above the other 2 "node" entdeck under the skin, anyone knows what that is, that can with my "disease" also emulate? My neck is but often heavily braced, but am afraid that it may be a tumor. Thank you in advance :-)

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Sags definitely your doctor while releasing the painkillers from if you can. If you then screaming on the floor, of course, would not. But please do not experiment with other painkillers from the Hausapo which can be really angry!

The antibiotic was you not so simple yes "prescribed time", but there is a reason or a name for your disease! What did the ax say? He also said something about taking the medication to you. This arrangement should you follow. Painkillers is taken not prophylactically, but only in acute pain. Swollen lymph nodes usually have harmless causes and are in inflammation, which you have in your body, completely normal.

Go definitely again to the doctor and ask him exactly what you ask us! Get well!

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