How should I tell my parents that I have to sit tomorrow again after ...

Because I would have allegedly not made according to teacher 3 times the homework! I'm doing it are the first detention ever so something does not come. My father kills me. LG

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You'd normally be able to demonstrate that you have done the homework. These were surely written homework that are still in your notebook or folder? The I would the teacher show and ask why they will let you in detention anyway. Maybe you're the subject of blatant misses or so? Talk to her! Before you tell your mother the way it was. Later you can then report their yes.

,,,,, I do they're the first detention ever ,, then show your doing your homework the Father and he complains a teacher. Point

Give the note to your mom and ask her if she could not be so kind to tell your father.

are you lying? if that were true, you'd be gone because of unjust treatment with your father to the teacher.

Convince them that the teacher suffering from dyscalculia.

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