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Hello :) I recently came across the following sentence: "The world made ​​me a H r, I am doing it to Bodel *." How can I interpret this sentence or the "hidden" statement darinne? Thanks for helpful answers :)!

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Oh, I remember this sentence. I think it comes from Claire from Dürrenmatt's "The Old Lady". In Drama Claire was so compelled by a great injustice in the past in prostitution. Hence the statement "the world made ​​me an H * re". It comes with a plan of revenge back to her hometown and takes revenge in that it forces the inhabitants and the city in a moral / moral abyss, as they have then made it with her. In this context it is to be understood "BordelI".


Around this statement: "If me the world has decreased, then I will have my revenge and retaliate with the same weapon Imposing one me something has to be expected that I return the favor me accordingly.."

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