How should immigration laws in Germany to be changed?

Hello, I'm doing my oral Abitur specialist Global Studies. One of my themes is about the immigration policy in Germany (more precisely? How well adjusted is the immigration policy Regarding the current situation in Germany) For this I need your opinions to the question: How should immigration laws in Germany to be changed? I would thus constitute in my test just the opinion of the general public. All data will be treated anonymously.

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I do not see much need for change. The vast majority of immigrants to Germany comes from the EU and there prevails free place of residence and job selection.

For immigrants from non-EU countries, the permanent establishment is indeed linked to long runs, but these can be filled with skilled labor.

The fact that the immigration policy of Germany is successfully demonstrated by the fact that the country after the United States is currently the most popular migration destination in the world and better educated and more highly skilled immigrants than the resident population.

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How should immigration laws in Germany to be changed?

We need a modern immigration law. Greater access to quality education and language courses, an easier family reunion, more opportunities for immigrants to be politically active in Germany (ex. A local franchise). All children who are born here and whose parents live in Germany, will also receive German citizenship.

We also need higher standards of protection to asylum examination, a right to basic medical and emergency care, even if no permit is available. The fundamental right to asylum must be restored. Refugees need finally legal access routes in the countries of the EU, just as the mass deaths can be prevented in the Mediterranean. Quotas are to be rejected.

We need a flexible, compliant and mondernes Einwanderunsgsrecht. I am of the opinion that the current system has failed. This could be a decent and tolerant immigration law.

I would allow the people used to work (if necessary also only jobs in the community that serve the general public), then they have to do something and do not have their boredom with some illegal activities.

Immigration laws modeled after Canada or Australia.

And getting out of the Schengen area.

Is it generally to immigration or rather to asylum seekers? I ask because there are many non longer know the difference. No offense. ;-)

For more "skilled workers" may reach us all obstacles should be eliminated.

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