How should one respond best when 3 types insult one on the road?

I have someone home run today, on the way back I drove by a place, had heard music and a disc down. Then 3 Turks have come from the bus stop, and I'm at which drove past, then called a Turk suddenly to me hur33nsohn ..

Now I wonder why he insulted me?

The best answer

It is best if you do not react.

To respond only worthwhile if you wish to make a difference.

Because it is easy hobbylos. Do I know anyone who was not even baseless insults from strangers. Some people make that easy. Only remain calm and not to worry about it

Because he is stupid. On such a thing does not react that provokes such A **** hole only :)

No idea why you were offended, but in the situation it was certainly best to ignore the types. Assume however that you have done the same. Some people want others simply provoke to let off steam - even if they have this other one has done anything (in the case you).

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