How sleeps a foreigner?

I would be times interessiern as that is in my köasse ei. Girl is that drawn 4 out of Hungary by Germany, also naturally speaks fluently. Even in the school and at home but Hungarian. In what language she sleeps?

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For Hungarian girl I can not say anything because I do not know her.

But my grandson boy (now 17), who lives in the US for 10 years, and of course German and US speaks English, told me that he thinks both for several years only in English and dreams.

He used to - even thought German and has the - - the thinking unless he thought that also wanted to say, must translate only. Dreams in German of course, he does not have to translate ...

Or so it will probably be at the Hungarian girl .......

I eg. thought to my native tongue, expected in Russian and German, I had to reshape the head. Now I think in German, expected in images and transform I just need for English .. already obliquely when I thoughtfully about

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