How teach the dog the basic position?

Hi, I have a question about the basic position and how I can teach my dog ​​(10 months old). She is a Yorki Mix and very much alive. Normal it always does everything totally behaved in the dog school. Only when the basic position where to pass the treat in front of them it moves a step. Makes you sit, down, paw, everything. Only the treat she does not go to.

Have you perhaps tips for me as I could you still learning?

best regards

The best answer

Maybe she is just "tired" to. For dog training, it is always very important that the dog has a healthy hunger - because otherwise no longer attract the greatest treats.

And treats should - just at the time of training - are used very sparingly - and really only when the dog must just learn something new - or - with already controlled exercises - only sporadically as an amplifier.

Good succeed


Try as you launch them only web threading on a leash, it can on your left side in the running "In-foot" (the Leckerlie in his face threading tail) and then left to stay and then the Leckerlie slightly upwards taking so that they automatically sit. Then Mach times the Komando say and repeat it again and again. Often it happens that the dogs sit at an angle, if you do not want this, repeat the whole on a fence or wall, so that she / he just sit MUST. Expands the first time not because the dog insecure feels on the wall, but if you do a few times repeating a Leckerlie, so it is / no longer noticed her or him and you can practice the basic position "foot". This also applies to the right side with the word "hand". Have fun! For further questions please feel free to write me personally;)

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