how to ask for a certain answer from a young?

there is a young at our school (I am the way, in the 9th class) and I Stand. but he is very popular and not give me a lot of attention. To be more specific, we do not have much to do with each other. now have my girlfriends and I thought about that they once break shoving me against him. You must know that it is something "special". he had quite a lot of girlfriends had all something schl *** ig were. So once he even talked to me and he said that he has the longest. haha I know that's stupid but I think that the whole facade is just ... and now my question when he says (when I ran against him) pass it out to then I do not know how to answer. So it must be something which I can tease him and what he does not forget very quickly;). Incidentally, we come from the same country. Please no comments like "so you do not need a macho" or the like. sorry for the spelling mistakes did not it geachten but simply written only. thanks in advance <3

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You can also use it simply address so and tell him that you're standing on it. Otherwise it just look in her eyes So then he that probably. said lookin him simply in love with their eyes and tell iwie apology or anything. but you should not make you strong push .you can not tell Sry but I fancy you :) But I would recommend you vllt. simply your number to give him or him it simply. This is better than when you are pushed or anrempelst him :) I would just go to him and ask him if he has short time or you have to do a survey and give him your number or tell him ... Good luck

The idea is mega bad. Convincing him differently, perhaps with a little self-confidence and act smart

Hey, watch it on.


Have I not, have you met.

Good luck, hope that precisely comes the question of him ;-)

I have only one thought: Why ...

Let it be your idea is bad

Let it better

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