How to connect many PC fan 12V to an external power supply?

Good day,

I've even bought a power supply a few years ago and it connected 4 PC fan.

Back then I informed about the voltage values ​​ect. etc. As I said at the time I'm halfway about it slipped, now I have no idea mehr..schein but to be simple. I want to connect another 1 to 2 more .... I run the fan on the controller with 6V so that you can hardly hear. My computer is as good by the blown my processor jitters "fun", I ride a lot on the computer stop. I hope there are a few technicians here that can help me. If it were someone declared some more the better, thanks in advance

Here are the data:

4 fans are already running on the power supply further 1- 2 "the same fan type" should be connected, and everything with 6V.

PSU: Switching power supply 5000 mA, stabilized according to EN 60950 * MW 7H50 GS of Profitec

  • Stabilized power supply according to EN 60950
  • Protection against short-circuit and overload
  • Input voltage AC 110-240 volt
  • Output voltage DC 6 / 7.5 / 9/12 / 13.5 / 15 Volt
  • Forces to 12V = 5000mA / 13.5V = from 3800MA

PC fan: Noiseblocker Black Silent Fan 120mm XL2

Rated voltage: 12-13.2 V DC

Starting Voltage: 6 V DC

Input Power 3.24 W

Input Current: 00:27 A (max)

Rated speed: 1500 ± 10%

Dielectric Strength: 5 mA (max)

The best answer

The power supply provides approximately 60W, a fan needs at maximum power about 3W. If you runterregelst the fan down to minimum speed, you're at 6V times about 0.15A - ie just under 1W. Your PSU cope with the worst case about 20 fans, at best about 60 seconds.

Theoretically you could 18 this fan on 12V run, 6 to 6V should therefore pose no problem at all.

That's great! Thank you for your quick response!

Does anyone have an explanation so that I understand it how you calculate that?

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