How to cope with the death of a dog?

2 months ago we had our all beloved dog because of illness at a Mittelmeerererkrankung euthanize leave ... since her I just can not stop thinking about it and when I look at pictures and I have promised them ... join me tears .. Every night I start to cry, and I no longer looking further just do it so like hell .. I've tried everything I can not be distracted .. would just jmd perhaps tips as you would at least somewhat bearable or something in the art initially can? And please no stupid comments ... that you can save yourself .. Thanks in advance LG ChilliMilli1910

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ohje the but I'm sorry. I can understand that, that makes you ready, we (or my parents, since I no longer live at home) also have two dogs and I hate to imagine what it will be when the are no longer there to me.

maybe you hilfts yes, when you think that she is doing better now, wherever she is now, and that they no longer determined to suffer. and that she had until her death at least a nice living with you or something ..

otherwise it always helps if you speak to worry about his. your parents / siblings (?) are yet to safety also sad because the dog is gone, but talking about it with them .. or maybe you've got friends whose dog is sometimes died, which can determine also understand

and sometimes it is not bad if you crying times and his grief rauslässt

My condolences.

This is normal and unfortunately heals all wounds only time :-(

Was the loss of our cat like that. Wait and weeping tea. It will pass soon and you smile at the wonderful memories of your dog :-)

Ersmal all memories (photos toy, etc.) in a box and put it to the attic or basement. And then make very distracting something

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