How to deal with a psychotic mania?

Suppose someone is in an extreme mania with great loss of reality (delusions, psychosis, etc.), how can you steer ie person in the direction of a treatment? Maniker feel their condition is known to be very beneficial, they do not understand why others want to make their "turn" broken. If the affected always just so narrowly is on the verge of self and own risk, so can not be compulsorily admitted Duch police and psychiatrists, there is still a way to somehow bring about a treatment?

You might get yourself and others not, or hurt anyone (difficult), but nevertheless, the mania has a devastating effect on their later life, which is difficult or impossible to reverse under umständig.

Who rejects experience with an acute manic, treatment and has him / it moved in that day anyway?

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I would first give him vitamin B complex, which is important in consumption of sugar, flour AND coffee, and B1 deficiency makes veschriebenen failures. I would thus first try on this track. Info at

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