How to do with cheating on xbox 360

Hi I saw on youtube that at xbox 360 Example make infinite energy with cheats at games. My question is how do the man and also Gibts tutorials as man can do there.

The best answer

Like the others have said you need a console with Jtag. This is a new firmware for the drive of the console. These can then read burned matches and play. That way you can use mods. but to be dispelled The risk of MS is very high. If you mean the old classic cheats, something depends on the game. In GTA, for example, you give the cheats by mobile phone in the game. For others, it is a combination of keys in the pause menu.

You have to xbox jtag draufmachen which just goes with the old xbox and it is very complicated so you can still order a your on the internet

For something you need ne ne Jtag or RGH ^^

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