How to fight colds and headaches? (Home remedies) :)

What to do about cold and very strong headache? :( :)

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Cut an onion small, spread 2-3 tablespoons of sugar over it and cover :) Mind. wait 2 hours and then 2 tablespoons of the juice (!) take :) The 3x daily and when the bulb emits no more juice again cut, new onion :)


make everything dark and try to sleep: Against headache! When you first headache, usually helps to drink no more about it. That you have but enough do to prevent headaches

The headache could come from a sinus infection, which had already times. It helps to inhale, which clears the head and the headaches are of better or disappear. If that does not help, then you should therefore go to the doctor.

Counter headache it profit to drink plenty of water. should sniff against a bath help with Wicks. If you have no degree bathe Bock on you can also simply lubricate so Wicks on the chest

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