How to find work inactive people time for your dog?

Dear Community,

I have very often wondered how it find dog owners who work time for their dog. I often hear that dogs can not be alone long, need training, 3 times a day to walk the dog. The usual. But I know people who work and still have dogs. Have you never wondered how they do it because it never occurred to me at the moment. So how do the eg people living alone, the 8-16 clock work every day but have a dog. How to do that go to the Gassi? Spend time with your dog? After work one would want with friends still in the city, etc. and can not day and night with the dog How does remain something? I would later himself a dog have but am afraid that I find but never have time for.

Thanks for reply! :)

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Hello aubr97! :-)

You "see" the time is not she take the time ...

It's a valid question, as do single people who are fully in their professional lives. This requires, in my opinion, a network, for example, a dog may Neighbour, a circle of friends circle who knows the dog ... And of course vice versa ;-), a dog sitter ...

These are considerations that you have to make before. Issues that need to be clarified, what if the dog is sick / is, the dog owner is sick / is. With fellow workers in the city, as it takes organization. In Vorfelde you should be aware that the spontaneity often there will be the loser. If you travel to? Where then the dog? That must be clarified. Will you take him? , Failing any destination in question. There are people who get a dog and have it be not thought that ends in animal misery linked to the roadhouse, just an example ... It is much more difficult to keep a dog as an individual, although not impossible. A pet-friendly environment, a dog sitter, a 'quieter' life, so, then, the work :-) Maybe you can take the dog with you to work, which is a good prerequisite!

In Falmilenverbund, or even when sharing with persons and life, it is easy (it) to be a dog needs. But also because I needed, at least during the morning shift, the support of a dog sitter ... traveling I did mostly with dog :-) As with children, you have to adjust to life with a dog. And not just months, but a whole lifetime. It requires love for animals and a sense of responsibility. Who has the slightest doubt should back do this desire to wait until the conditions are more favorable.

It greets you


Have 2 dogs .. My husband works full of nearly falls out from laughing ..bevor leaving at 6:00 the house he goes with both about 20 minutes before the door, we have lots of green space in front of the house as they romp around without a leash approx 20min from 7:40 do I get my kitties 10min walk to school because both dogs come with as I accompany the children to school only until they walk independently in the classroom I let both dogs about 30 minutes without a leash auspowern then goes it ca make 8:45 home soon, the wells full and work from the walk 15 minutes to the workplace Starts 9: 30h - 13: 30h 3 weeks ... to 14:00 home Cap snap back 30-60min out ... at 16 o'clock the children have school closing again with dogs go pick short gassi round ... at 19:30 last Gassi round with outlet ... Saturdays and Sundays as well as weekdays 2x I take the dogs to the horse have its own open barn (private property) because we are loose 6 std and accompany me during a ride into the terrain ... Prime is now for 6 years so ... our Doberman was first there in time was my children still in kindergarten or 1x 1x 3 years 12 months old our Dobi came in puppies age of 12 weeks was to us in time as a child in kindergarten I have been with the stroller and dog to puppy school that worked with child very well ..the späetere constructive hundeschule found Saturdays because my husband had the children make .. holidays we especially since I do not see before the cost of holidays abroad frankly on the Baltic Sea on their own campsite because of the dogs and the barn ... As soon as my children are older and capable home alone are to remain or after school ... want I continue to expand my work hours then I hope that my children go with two dogs as both very socialized and trained, it is have no problem my children it not feel all depends Dogs third because there are quite a few ... are usually the people I know not working with dog either housewives and moms or part-time employed so that still enough time full-time one can acquire no dog when to work from morning to night there goes no dog sitter go for walkies as both and such holders stay on track

All for one, one for all .... Our dog Klara belongs to the family, with all obligations. We are all working (1x own company, 1x 75% body busy, 1x part-time job + school) always manage to somehow organize our work so that Klara is the hour alone only.

So for us it works because my husband works shift and I partly noon come 75% and our children home. The dog is not longer than 5 hours alone and that does not bother him. On the contrary, if we leave it sneaks distraught morning through the house in search of its rest.

Eh a couch potato (English Bulldog). In a very agile dog but would our system does not work!

Furthermore, we do not for the dog to much, for example on holiday, because it does not withstand travel and we do not want to put for the duration of a holiday elsewhere him because he would suffer to be separated from us.

as Berufstatiger you have to look that one turns a round with the dog before work.

Then I'll go with my dog ​​to work, where they sleep in bad weather in her bed under the desk or in good weather in the Company Garden. Is that not necessary to organize a sitter or having the opportunity to work at home.

During the lunch break with me all about the dog. We walk and work here. Then she goes back to sleep or enjoy the weather in the garden.

After work, we play in the apartment and make noses / brainwork.

If we leave the evening, we look to see if they can with, or go just once back home. You have to plan everything in advance and when you know that it takes longer than expected, you have to look that times jmd may look different to the animal.

Although a dog is really great and I would never trade my back, but it limits our lives a very. Nevertheless, I regret to have any second they adopted at that time there.

Most dog owners know other dog owners. Because there is always someone who cares at home around the lonely dog ​​while working.

Normally working dog owners also have not only a dog ... In any case, I know ... So a dog is not really alone for long. There is still at least a conspecific as ...

And who gets a dog takes the course in the city. Apart from that, too 'nen dog sitter can engage for when you absolutely times hundefreie leisure needs ...

However, change in the course of time, the personal interests. As you get older you have such things like the cinema or disco not as "necessary" as in puberty ...;)

Who a dog (or whatever for a pet) and really cares about his animals finds the time, which is also sufficient, well to do, quite naturally.

Having a pet means (similar to children) that to reset your needs voluntarily. So you just go not so often in the city or something, if you really love your dog.


That depends yes from even how long it is Employed. If I at 5.00 h in the morning begin with morning shift, I go at 4:00 already going with my dog. Did I night service and start at 19:00 h on, I'll take it either with or go at 17:30 wrong with him. So actually, the times set up, according to my roster, but must remain for hours alone my dog, not the point. Also, I know so before I household with me a dog, where, how, how long, I service.

well, why there are so many dogs underutilized. clearly get the some way, be that the dog after 5 hours alone, is sometimes carried over to noon biseln, or the dog in the garden "with a romping dog friend" can. some go as you see here in the morning 20 minutes with the dog and think that that is sufficient to noon and in the evening there is then an hour leak ... etc.

a dog can, of course, already so live and most suitable also as a living at. if that's but live a dog-friendly, is another leaf. a dog has a great potential and would actually be willing to learn to work a little to make a job. only people barking the ring and go a bit gassi and when it comes up from there and chase ball to one is actually not so great dogs life.


that's a very good question - I also note very often to me. I think there are several solutions:

- Responsible fully-employed people make up only at no dog - as it would come in time entirely too short

- Not so good people think selfish and let their dog then too long alone - and when he when he is older, no longer is housebroken (because he is unable to comply as long), then he is just abolished.

- There is only one spouse (or partner) work full-time, working only other half-day

- Bringing the dog in a "day care", where he is not alone, at least

And when one loves his dog very much, then you spend the rest of the time that remains so a day, happy with him and his employment - are and lets friends and other activities left. (If you get children, to set up her family activities indeed accordingly - so you do it just as well, if one opts for a dog).

However, I very much fear that with very very many dog ​​owners the theory and practice diverge very far - and the dog will be paid much less time than he needed.

Good succeed


I work full time and my husband is home. All that is from the day left, is adjusted to our dog. If my husband try, it is stressful and yet it works then, then Hundi comes with the office.

Man his life according to the dogs. Meaning: as soon feierabend is dog time - everything else is secondary

We are self and work from home ... if we are tired of the number Turn you go between by simply out with the dogs .... at the moment I do 100% home office and my life partner 2 days a week on customer visits ...

People who live alone who have a dog, make sure that a reliable dog sitter looks during the period after the dog and goes out with the animal ...

In a family or in an apartment can be most different working hours to vote so that the dog never long must be alone.

I would not come to mind to keep a dog if before purchasing the dog has already been established that the four-legged friends for more than 3 regularly - must spend four hours alone ...

Then just a dog sitter must be found ...

I can not and could not take my mice, even to the office.

The rest of the day, the week and at all the time, it is planned to the pet around, so I do it. The little one is always there, at the size you can take it everywhere.

My brother has a Hundesitterin, the closing time, the weekend and the holiday is planned with dog.

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