How to forget a woman ... after a long relationship

How to forget a woman with you was nearly 8 years together ??? She has left me cold and ended the relationship by telephone. Since she no longer loves me. One other day yet mentioned the other men she now finds interesting ... The whole thing is shon 3 months ago ... I miss and love you still ... sometimes Feel like a corpse, so no life .. . this has accompanied a man of a a long time in the life easy to replace so .... Already krass..Sie never made a comment that she wanted sicj disconnect .. .. on the contrary, they wanted this year with me be ... I'm still hoping that they and all back well and good will even miss me and to write me .. ..

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What to look for new is not the answer !!! You can not just forget overnight !! Process it !! It is perfectly legitimate to mourn! Let your feelings out calmly and talk about it! Wines, cries or is angry! Roll have all situated out ... How can it? What did I do wrong? What did she do wrong? Clearly it is important with good friends to go out or to meet with other women! But a is not helpful since you obviously still have feelings for the next! So nix bringts nem other Mädl vorzugaukeln what !!!!!!! Remember how you feel right !! Want the 'your new' then also so feels when you realize later that she has only been regarded as a consolation prize because you do not want to be alone now?

Complete the self-pity !! Weck's fighting spirit in you! Go out and shop, you alters to start in a new chapter !! Go buy nice clothes or mach ne short trip !! Tell your ex that you can without them !!! A) take the most and B) it does see you play well you can live without it :))

Distraction is everything!

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