how to get long nails?

Heii together I hab mal ne ask ?! how do you get long nails I chew constantly on whom I'm nervous or I'm bored and villeicht you have an idea then give me time modest ...

…Thank you in advance…

The best answer

I have had a very long trouble. What has helped me personally: Kalziumgel for the nails, then a layer of nail hardener on it and a nice, subtle color. This makes your suffering nails onto you. So they are much easier long.

Hi liiinne01 I feel just like you and I, personally, have it stop never managed. There are in the pharmacy a kind of nail polish (transparent, so you can not see), and this paint tastes so disgusting that (according to the manufacturer) stops it. Mir has not helped the stuff but maybe it helps you. The best just ask at the pharmacy thereafter.

Hope I could help you Tomske

Either you try to tear you on the belt or you can send you KPress nails with gel oer acrylic that can not chew it again! Otherwise, there is nail polish that can be made to the nails, if you chew it he tastes terribly disgusting and you let it go be by itself!

Go your nervousness on the track .... what makes you insecure ... and otherwise vitamin B complex and calcium

thank you for your great tips and tricks

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