How to grow my hair faster without pills or other

I want long hair but I do not know how they grow quickly .. Have ideas you?

The best answer

here are a few general tips:

- If spliced, then broken all cut away, damits not broken wird- hair when they are longer wear pinned or clipped high because open hair rub too bad to the body and are characterized overused and break off

- Braiding hair at night

- Do not use ponytails with metal staples

- Do not blow dry, straighten or style your hair (! Heat, especially when is smooth on duration of the safe death for almost any hair, even with useless overheating protection) color, can be.

- Natural cosmetics shampoo - best moisturizing shampoo (alterra, alverde, Lavera, Logona, Aubrey Organics, Sanoll, i + m, neobio ... googling) and flushing (important!) Use. then rinse hair cold, so that the scale layer includes (protects the hair and makes it shiny leaves. a bit easier combing). then a few drops of jojoba or coconut oil or argan rub in the hands and rub into the still wet hair, especially in the acute. Do not rinse. the moisturized and maintains good.

- Take of care products with silicones distance. they hurt scalp and hair more than they can take.

- Use clever brush

- Possible only every 2 to 3, more preferably every 3 to 4 days waschen- eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids is important for skin and hair :-)

buy yourself a natural oil, for example jojoba oil from the herbalist, or argan oil (do not from a drugstore). can also take almond oil or coconut oil. the main thing, of course, and not somehow a wonderful hair oil with addi- tives tens / silicones that are not purely belong there.


Rub the scalp as often as it comes with warm coconut oil :)!

I just took only zinc. ^^ Otherwise I wuerd sunlight say ?!

The growing with and without pills equally fast, namely as soon as your genes specify it and that is in section 1 cm per month. can accelerate to do that with anything.

I think the hair grow faster when they are often wet. This is certainly a question but you can easily googled.

That's not really. Nourish yourself simply healthy and drink plenty of water.

you can not really affect

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