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I am 13 years old and weigh at a size of 169cm only 44.1 Kg. In addition, it is often so that I in the evening after eating 600g more weigh than the next morning. Because of my weight I are also quite a few pants and bikini I see anyway of not nice, because my shoulders are so bony :(

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since you are only 13, I would seek no means any unilateral and greasy food!

I even think many girls your age, it goes like this. With time and the age vorranschreitendem the perspective most.

Otherwise: You Eating because sufficient? How much you move?

In no event fast food :) just try every day to take 3 regular meals. But a piece Schocki has not hurt anybody!

More greasy food and eat candy and operate less sport. So you would have to be thicker. take => More calories than you consume.

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