How to learn Azerbaijani?

Hey dear community I would like to learn Azerbaijani and wanted to ask whether you iwelche pages knows where you can learn the GRAMMAR the words I can mostly. perhaps there among you azerbaijani could teach me? LG Kenan

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Azəri is virtually the same language as Turkish, but has a bunch of Russian foreign words.

However, if you are visiting a Turkish course with us, then you learn the prestige dialect. This is West Turkish, so İstanbul dialect. The differences among the Anatolian dialects are not really big, anyway, less than between standard German and Schwäbisch.

Azəri has a handful of phonetic features:

  1. The open Ə the Turkish equivalent an ordinary e. The are a few modifications in the vowel harmony.
  2. The Yumusak GE is audible (in Anatolia as well) and sounds like Dutch G or voiced German CH.
  3. The two additional sounds X and Q act as H and K in Turkish.

In the grammar, there are no significant differences, only in the Idiomatik.Wenn you'll Turkish, You are in Azərbaycan as good as a native speaker. On the few phonetic peculiarities you get used to quickly, and the few Russian Foreign Words You must learn precisely - just like me as Ösi first time had no idea what the Berliner mean when they speak of a road.

A textbook in English in pdf format:

So free I meant

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