How to make such a picture? Anime / avatar

Hello everybody,

I have this image found here I find this art avatars to gestallte mega cool and wanted to ask if someone if a particular online programs are in German and understood. I've googled and only complicated English found can me someone further I would also like to help do something like me. I would be interested what you think of such images find her something beautiful or rather not.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello slave power,

You can choose from fully free online your Avatar Create


Either you benützst a program where you change only the appearance of your avatar or you can draw everything yourself, you like it you. Want pixel for pixel If you draw an avatar yourself you win advantage: Then your avatar will look just like you want him but it just takes long.

Oh I do not grade on like that the picture was not as I thought in fullscreen mode shown. It's about the profile picture !!! And thanks in advance for the reply :)

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