How to pay a dog?

Hi If you want to purchase a dog one must indeed first worry about the financing. A healthy puppy from a reputable breeder often cost you 800 euros if not much more. But how you pay for the dog usually? I have to pay the money immediately? He so assumed costs € 850. Should we then be paid immediately or pay cash if one takes or one must pay him or like him? Because I have something similar already read somewhere on ner grower page, so put down the the.

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The dog must be paid directly in cash.

Especially for growers, it may be that a prized puppy must be paid in order to be "reserved" for you - say you pay, long before the puppy can be separated from the mother and delivered to you.

This one wants to be sure that you then actually take the dog before cancels other interested and you're umentscheidest end.

For most breeders you pay bar. But the acquisition is the least problem. move Ongoing charges monthly to a monthly average depending on the breed and size of the dog between 100-150 euros. you are always monthly Most of the money to feed from. one saves but the food can be a health effect on the dog. And this costs you wear then to the vet. You should also before the acquisition have a good cash buffer. Finally, one must always expect that to be the dog sometimes injured or becomes ill and operated. Something will cost even hundreds of euros to the 1000 may go something. My Aussie has rudely cost 1100 Euros in the first 5 weeks I have left on the 450 Euro to the vet. Ears were inflamed, then conjunctivitis the letze vaccinations with 12 and 16 weeks. By switching with me his immune system was weakened and he was so prone to trifles. But with medication and treatment has then collected some.

I do not think you can buy a dog in installments. That I would find at all not good. One is purely clear from the front and should be clear what has a dog for costs, with it what he brings to costs in the acquisition, it is not any part of what you can pay in installments, etc., but a living being. , will be what nourished, cared for and loved.

Furthermore, one should be aware that a dog requires a lot of time, you have to go walkies with him, at least 3 times a day ... And if there would be a run-out chance say a garden, good condition!

For us it was so that we did in the 7th week the visit of puppies a deposit of 350 € and have then paid when picking up even the rest.

Usually you pay a bar, very few offer rates at if payment Offered by breeders will this check creditworthiness with any installment of a thing and see merit a certificate on want ..

... Best ever directly ask the breeder. To date, we have always deposited a portion of the purchase price as a deposit for one of the first visits the breeder and took the rest cash on collection ... 800 € for a "pedigree dog" with corresponding papers, studies, Chip etc ... seems to me the way relatively little - definitely pay attention here on seriousness and references of the breeder !!! There are already enough "Hinterhofvermehrer" earn the suffering of the animals or to the stupidity and ignorance of the buyer ...

Dogs can be a very costly affair - why SHOULD definitely a financial cushion to be present when playing with the idea, is to purchase such an animal ...

Add Super Post I would not be possible ..Urlaub must be planned at full-time job keeping dogs with dog our example, we would not be proposed would the dogs not vote as ours Camping .is the car big enough what about family planning from ..hinzu come dog control, castration, Dogs liability, puppy school / dog Training school

Also we handle it so that we would have liked a deposit, which is paid without problems. There was also - not with us - a case where the dog has been charged and still not picked up ?? !! then the deposit is held away ..... Priced still pointing out that as for our race (dachshund) 800.00 is totally okay. But there are breeds that are more expensive .....

You pay a dog with money. In cash or you will transfer before handover.

Who in the acquisition has been financial difficulties, a dog can not afford. Or just no breed dog from the breeder. At the shelter, you pay between 150 and 350 Eruo depending Tierhheim and dog. Since the money is better off than farmers who do not need the world.

If you want to buy a dog in a dog breeder, a purchase contract is placed. For this purpose it is important to advise, even if animal Buy / Sell still must be sealed well with a handshake.

Dogs are paid in cash. Rarely accept Breeder payment with ec-card.

Sometimes it may be that dog breeders ask you to pay a reservation fee when one has a certain puppy picked from the litter. Reservation fees can account for about up to one third of the purchase price. Until a few years ago it was always 100 € at reservation of a puppy ...

A purchase financing for a puppy I find not ok!

One may prefer to advance together to save money and then pick only the dog and buy.

For some breeds dog breeders keep a an X-deposit; ie: they require about 150 € so the puppy buyers their dogs in the corresponding age of about 15 months on HD and ED X-rayed.

If the buyer to send the X-ray results to the breeder, they get the X-ray security deposit refundable.

800 Euro are somewhat more a stroke of luck. Most can be expected by 1000 € Plus.

For most breeders you will have to pay a deposit. So the breeders can safely go to number, you also really interested in the puppy and say not after few weeks, "we nee do not take him yet."

The balance is then paid in cash when you pick up the small.

I decided for a new famile for my puppies, made a deposit -so I know they take it then ..

.if picking up was then the rest due.

Do not cash I would refuse - because the breeder has -I before throwing expense had also want to be sure that there is enough money vorahnden if there mal ne high vet bill etc ......

mostly you look at the dog in advance and there is then performed if necessary a deposit and when you pick up the rest as it was in any case with us

Usually there are dogs from breeders only for cash .....

One should ask the breeder. The make but usually only against full amount. Top Bar.

Most often, the bar. Whether that is now seriously or not, I do not know.

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