How to reach as tense / nervous man always a relaxed attitude to life?

Although I have not yet asked so many questions, but they have one thing in common: power and stress. I am then asked something on the Internet, how to tackle something, but defacto only came here out: Left Be or working less. I want to reach a NC of 1.6, is "working less" is not an option.

So I look: perfectionist who always gives 110% and it very quickly consumes its resources, so this does not even pass through the whole school. Even my doctor said if I do so I will be sooner or later in psychiatry.

Result of "BIG FIVE" Personality Test: strong neurotizistisch marked.

How can I achieve a relaxed attitude to life under these requirements?

The best answer

What do you do in your free time?

Many people sit down to their work in front of the television to switch off. It is better in a lot of stress to take time to reflect the day. Take a walk if you have some time and do not go by the clock home but only when you feel relaxed. Thinking it over to you and your life. What have you done today? With whom you have spoken today? Take the time to sit up on a bench and just do nothing. Daydreams, go sometimes to bed earlier, even if it is not yet the time. The day has 24 hours. There you will find something.

And most importantly, do not forget your social contacts.

This is difficult or almost impossible, because such an attitude to a certain extent is the respective personal character. I see my father (55 years): He's a nice man, but (unfortunately) also 'nen absolutely pedantic perfectionist, which easily breaks the Hutschnur & the like is loud, its environment and thus exposes unnecessary stress and just can not get a grip, if he knows his problem closely and it is to him after each "failure" totally embarrassed, he apologized a hundred times .. he's so, he's not in your hands, serenity, comfort and acceptance of problems are alien to him.

I think that you never get his character altogether.

Remedy could probably. create a hobby that you pursue with passion: One sport, chess, musical ... that could "slow down" your life or give compensation ----------> try 'it once :) Lots of love I wish you!

Drugs. help dignity, I will not have fallen. Finally, if it is not an option.

Why not "work less"? For 1.6 you must surely not learn the whole day. But good as you think. A few hours you will probably have a day where you have nothing to do. The most important thing is easy to use this time to relax actively (yes, that sounds like a paradox). If you find it difficult to find peace, perhaps you need a little help out. If you want you not equal wegballern the bulb (which, as I said, really is not an option !!), you sit comfortably easy way, perhaps with a tea, and look a bit remote. Or you read what, at best something very boring. Your cell phone and anything else you should also turn to be disturbed. And very important: Release all thoughts that have anything to do with the school or other stressful stuff from your brain. These might include a bit of practice, but you can really only be relaxed when your whole brain is. Yoga may also help. Or sports. Depending on which type you are.

So much what else, how can in your last question to answer thee not.

Why you think you can achieve your goal is not even in smaller steps?

You know you like a volcano standing shortly before the outbreak and want to continue to shovel coal into the fire anyway?

There have been some people where the body has then pulled the ripcord necessary: ​​In the form of breakdowns.

If you yourself do not succeed, runterzufahren you, you need help from outside. Must be no therapy. A cure would already help. Just a break where you will hopefully notice and shown get that the sun also rises the next day, without you having to climb to the sky to awaken them.

Mach to get more breaks at times "down". Relaxation is important, even if you then have time to lose the feeling.

Look here: I liked the side with the many tips helped.


This is always a good solution. The best would be a team sport.

Learning a Musikinsrument!

Inform yourself about consciousness!

Yoga and meditation helps relax

Some in your question points to a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Since you can help a therapy

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