How to solve this math equation?

Hello. We got a worksheet in math class. And I'm not so with math One of the tasks is for example:. Solve the following equations d) 1/2 (x-3) ² = 12.5 or j) 4 3 / 4x = -3 1 / 3x²

How to solve these equations, then?

The best answer

d) ½ (x - 3) ² = 12.5 → (x - 3) ² = 25 → x - 3 = ± 5 → x = 3 ± 5

j) 4¾ x = - 3⅓ x² → (19/4) x = - (10/3) x².

Both sides 12 time is 57x = - 40x² → 40x² + 57x = 0 → x • (40x + 57) = 0th

A product is zero if at least one factor is zero, ie 1) x = 0

and 2) 40x + 57 = 0 → x =?

You have to change so that x stands alone on one side of the equations. And when I look at myself the equations so, I would say that you ever (at school also called quadratic formula) the solution formula could you look at it / should)

2.1 (x-3) ² = 12.5

You want the x have alone. So you have to take away everything that is around the x as step by step in the right order:

The last operation, which is performed on the left, is the * 1/2. So we take the equation x 2:

(X-3) ² = 25

Now pull roots and remember that the equation then has two solutions (the roots and -1 * the root):

x-3 = 5 or x - 3 = -5

So x = 8 or x = -2. As a precaution you can do the test now, comes out.

Here you can quickly check times:

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