How to teach my dog, nice to walk on a leash?

Hello I absolutely need tips on how I teach my dog ​​to walk on a leash beautiful. My dog ​​is 7 years old and a somewhat larger longhair chihuahua. He sleeps a lot but when you go out he is looking forward very much. When we go out with him and run his route we run daily 1x runs nice always in front of you ... However, if I want to go a little bigger and different route, for example, through the forest, he runs behind you and you have to follow suit him and is very skittish and shy. It also depends might depend on because my grandma always my dog ​​afterwards runs and not the dog of my grandma .. /: I want to change it, however, and absolutely need to do for a successful training! I want my dog ​​does not always pull behind but want my dog ​​beside me or in front of me running in a route that he does not know .. I hope you have for me to do! We play a lot Appotieren with him because he has a lot of pleasure. However, he does not like playing in his walkies round.

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That sounds like a little dog's frightened. Perhaps I am mistaken also or the dog is particularly sensitive. Can you someone walk together, which you can run ahead of the dog on a leash so that he can run beside you? I believe that your dog still needs some time and need to understand the change first, because he has it so for 7 years otherwise learned and done. You can do so the dog has to run automatically on you a very short leash to your belt. But as I said, I think you need to both time, patience and trust.

Train up him slowly to unfamiliar environments. He's all suspicious. That he is running behind you is for a sign. Just go on, after a time, he will lose the fear. If the behavior persists but already a long time I would take a behavioral therapists to complete.

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