How to write a newspaper report to book From the Life of a Good?

Hello, We have to make "The life of a ne'er-do" a reading portfolio to book. In a part of the reading portfolio, we need to write a modern newspaper account of life of the rascal. Could I perhaps someone help?

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Newspaper reports basically consist of three parts: the heading (in this case called ellipses are often used as a stylistic device, thus shortening of sentences by omitting "unimportant" words such as "woman marries Eiffel Tower" instead of "A woman marries the Eiffel Tower"), the head (here you summarizes everything that is covered in the report, very briefly together - one, two sentences ranging completely) and the actual report in which you describe in detail what happened.

It is important that you know the headboard answer the W questions: WHO ?, WHAT ?, WHERE ?, WHEN ?, HOW? and why? Often even WHERE? regarded as a W-question, so where the information comes. The WHY? Question you do not answer necessarily in the head part, but should be relatively soon be clarified in the report.

Newspaper reports are generally written in the past tense. It often happens that surnames are abbreviated in reports with the initial letter of the surname followed by a dot, eg "Helena M. reported that ..."

The one thing about a newspaper report is that you can not be included in your text any own views and opinion! As the name suggests, it is a report, so to just the facts and facts are described and its finding no personal ratings in the text.

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