how will my dog ​​leinenfürig

Have a Roman street bitch is on a leash pulls up her air tied off and on. Now I have already bought a harness and a halti and it is a little better but it takes anyway. In the dog school I do not feel taken seriously because there always very well obeyed ... is probably due to their uncertainty it has there. I was now at various dog trainers but nothing helped. If it is on a leash and other dog comes it goes into full crockery and barks menacingly. I love it no fear but it is very troublesome because it is without a leash the friendliest dog I know. During the jogger or cyclist not she barks. So far, she has yet to meet anyone bitten but it is understandable that people have fear of her. Can someone help me? I've already tried everything

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So I do not believe in dog training .......

For Heeling you looking for a quiet place outdoors where along hits straight stretch a wall. Open to the leash so short that the dog should be next to you!

Now you're slow to run every time your dog begins to overtake your front foot you turn in front of your dog and blokierst him you frontal standing before him when he stops rewarded him.

You do that then for 2 weeks at a time and stay persistent when the dog understands what you want (is actually already after the 2nd walk) you can also start it mot of the hand or foot on the chest stop the dog savvy relatively quickly you say that and correct themselves after 2 months itself.

If you encounter a jogger, dog or something else you sit next to your dog in the squat and every time he aim for you nudge him on his shoulder and say a bestommerisches NO! You do that, unless he looks at you then beloben :)

Just go better as a dog school :)

Have you ever heard of the great books TellingtonTuch:

Warning for dog owners: The price is a bargain

2 wonderful training books for dog owners who want their dogs without penalty and train gently. A completely new approach to communicate with dogs: 1x Tellington training for dogs specially and 1x The new way of dealing with animals including dogs.. Those who work for these books, usually does not need dog school. Even aggressive dogs are hereafter lammfromm

The super I ebay it for 18,00 Euro, all I can say. After this you can your dog super themselves form, besides, he is very calm and balanced.

If you are interested, you can report you yes. My mail is:

[email protected]



Yes examined you NEN GOOD dog trainer / in od. Dog behavior consultant / in ... someone who has achieved an education, but never speaks Rangrodnung of dominance gestures or, NO Halti recommends AND most importantly, shows a dog on a dog insecurity has the coach for ensure that the dog no longer shows uncertainty and can be reached by the other dogs are taking a greater distance and is definitely small groups using a maximum of 6 dogs at the same time and for a single coach I think that's too much !!!

The pull on the leash by the way often results from an uncertainty out and bark showing you this then again apparent.

The od. Better the problems that you describe here, can handle only one who sees it on the spot and, indeed, violent works that or those coach / inside cost ever more but then you know also what you get, quality rather than quantity !!! ;-)

Since it is likely to be very greedy, I would exploit the clickers and with her. The clickers are you building on its own (youtube videos!). When she understood that, look at this video: I found very helpful! Klicker operates through positive reinforcement and comes with no penalty from. Also important is the division into collar is (then you go NO cm continue if the dog pulls, NEVER!) And dishes (as must the dog sometimes pull, can not always go all in slow motion). Folds, I hab`s also trained so;)

Hello I had answered a few weeks ago because of the method with the block you ..... Would you beat the competition?


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