How you educate your Dsungarian dwarf hamster?

How much food he gets, how much he weighs what you play with him ....................

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Hamster does not educate you, there are very often pure observation animals. My, then eight years, son once told a friend who wanted to play with one of our Hamster "Hamsters are only something like a fish with fur".

In the fish-comparison he came probably because keeping hamsters best in large enclosures from old aquariums o. Ä..

Examples of such enclosures can be found here (a "Detolf" is a showcase of Ikea from you, if you leave out the shelves and places it on the back, make great hamster enclosure can):

For dwarf hamsters, one must note that all occurring in Heimierhaltung types except Roborowskis prone to diabetes and should be fed accordingly. Unfortunately, there are the normal market to buy not one really fully suitable food.

We currently feed the hybrids lining of

Of a slightly heaping teaspoon our hamster receives daily full, also some fresh feed and a dried mealworm.

About the attitude of dwarf hamsters you please inform on

Hamster "educates" you do not. And one does not play with yet. Hamsters are observing animals. My Teddy hamster weighs 170 grams and gets a scoop (about one - half EL) fully good staple food in the day. My Hybridin weighs 35 grams and gets a teaspoon of staple food per day. Of course, always fresh food and water.

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