HTC One Max & HTC One

Hello, I have a quick question ... Is the HTC One Max, the same as the HTC One? Or are the two completely various devices :)

And knows someone randomly if the one of the older or newer phones is because I looked around just at the Media Markt page to the phone (HTC One Max), and only cases to find c: Had quite a shame if it so do not give more because I'm looking for a bigger HTC mobile phone with two Lausprechern best c:

At first I wanted the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but many of my friends thought I should stay with HTC: o And yes, the HTC Desire 816 talked me only on but then I saw only one speaker (if I'm not mistaken) and I do not whether in the phone have the enhanced beats Audio speakers are built c:

Can you help me? '-'

Thanks in advance

The best answer

HTC One Max = big HTC One with better processor etc.

HTC One = 4.7 inch phone / smaller model

I have the normal one and am completely satisfied with it. Good speakers and crass resolution.

I understand you still get at Saturn / MediaMarkt the normal one, but Max is gone and in general the Max is not as widespread which is why the normal probably longer receives updates.

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