HTML PHP .txt file as array & then install in Listenelemt?

Hi first I have the following problem:

I have a .txt file that looks as following:

Peterhans Mark Luke

and would like the section in this Html installing (so that the name on every page request from the new .txt load):

  • name 1
  • name 2
  • name 3
  • name 4

is there an easy way as "

  • $ Array [0]
  • "?

Thank you in advance ;)

The best answer

probiers times

$namen = file_get_contents("namen.txt");
$teile = explode(" ", $namen);

echo "<ul class=\"member\">";
echo "<li>" . $teile[0] . "</li>";
echo "<li>" . $teile[1] . "</li>";
echo "<li>" . $teile[2] . "</li>";
echo "<li>" . $teile[3] . "</li>";
echo "</ul>";

unfortunately do not know how I can edit my question!

the html part course looks like this:

<ul class="member">
<li>Name 1</li>
<li>Name 2</li>
<li>Name 3</li>
<li>Name 4</li>
</ul><br clear="all" />

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