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I have since Christmas a nearly 1-year-old golden retriever mixed breed akita from Bulgaria from the strong named lucy. it obeys very well and is actually a very good-natured and prefer dog. however we were yesterday to visit with my parents a 14-year-old welsh terror have called amica. which is not very well behaved and is also very dominant. We were already often been there ... The dogs were not best friends but for which they do not like there has never been evidence. they are supervised and unsupervised free run without problems.

Yesterday I wanted and my friend lucy now create the dishes and looked amica thereby. Suddenly lucy went off with no signs on amica from a sitting position. which resisted course and we no longer got apart. we tried to go away calm yell throw nothing helped! Until I wanted to welsh tried to lift up but they do not let go ... lucy as they quite briefly let go she pulled my boyfriend back us we could separate. Poor little amica even bled on the head and the whole time trying to shake his head.

I just do not know how to handle it. or what can I do next time.

I hope you can help me

LG Christina

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So, as in your dog probably Akita's inside, I would sometimes tap roughly that your dog does indeed have warned. In Akitas most barely see it, because they always remain very quiet and just a little stiff. You have to know exactly which three hairs line up at own dog when he forewarn. That there Retriever's inside does not make it better.

Our Am. Akita bitch, Chay, hates our cat and she has shown her clearly even at the tender age of 12 weeks. Our audacious kittens their running course like's nose because they know that we protect it. Chay looks at always angry or ignored them deliberately. Man watches her every time again that they would kill the cat liked immediately, but it does it just not, because they know they can not. And because it is not worth the trouble they get otherwise.

You have to make it quite clear that she has kindly not to do that, and they (hit in no case or something that you instills just afraid no respect a) such failed * s and then for the rest of the day ignore your dog just that it is no longer worth it.

There is no question that the dog of your parents must be educated times reasonable. But if you go again with your parents, you have to at all times keep an eye on your dog and see if it is really quite relaxed, or not. And if not you admonish them immediately.

LG Scarlett

Hi you will have missed something. Maybe it was dadran she had to sit and no escape was possible. Watching Amica may have been a threat if she has it fixed in view. Thus a lion attack has my old Labbihündin even ever produced at the zoo because she has just fixed it right ... then came full lotte running up and then reset itself against fortunately armored plate.

Expert Answers are at something not possible since none of the dogs here knows or attended.

I would recommend taking a walk to a really good dog trainer / in. The can evaluate your dog spot the best and recommend appropriate actions.

If you simply accept a (well-intentioned) advice it may well be that the behavior only gets worse.

I know it's a stupid situation but just a dog "unknown" origin have to be careful.

Dogs never just go from nothing at each other. There you have the signs not interpreted correctly. What was exactly the trigger now I can not say because I was not there. If you the next time you are you should ensure more to the dog and the body language there. One probably would be also good to go school in a dog with your dog. Akitas are very strong animals, even if it's just a hybrid.

Pick an expert, no one can help you zukennen without the dogs.

But sure is without warning almost no dog just goes to other los ...

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