Hunger but 0 appetit

Hello everybody

I can not eat properly lately. Although I totally hungry, my appetite remains off, however. No matter what, my mother can cook my favorite food, yet I have to force myself to eat it. it is not that I want to lose weight or so. Me just annoying that it always will be so bad to me when I eat because I have no appetite.

What can I do against it? it is several days so ..

The best answer

Maybe you brühtest ne cold or any virus from ... because you can also get anorexia ... if it was not better is I suggest you definitely go to the doctor to go ...

go look for doctor and maybe just with your margins.

I would go to the doctor because it sounds a bit unusual to

A sign that your metabolism is something wrong with .... possibly you have you sometime the stomach "screwed up" and this could take some time before this is gone ...

Go best simply to the doctor, which can have many causes times.

Go definitely to the doctor!

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