Husky and small dog?


I have a question. One hears from many quarters, that you should not hold individually a Husky, and should take a second to Husky.

Is it enough, if you hold the Husky with a small dog (Havanese)?


The best answer

what do you want with NEM Husky? The dogs can grow as a normal person hardly approach white Artgerecht.

you have to always go separately, I think nichz can keep your Mini Dog 10km with a galloping Husky.

No, a Husky has very different needs than a Havanese.

A Husky needs plenty of exercise every day, at least 1 x day 2 hours at a time - the Husky wants to run what pull ... because you can not keep a small dog.

Husky feels really in a pack with 3-4 dogs most comfortable and then you should to drag or use sledging, because that is their destiny.

can run free is a Husky only when it is absolutely obedient because the dogs have a strong hunting instinct.

It is a challenging race, which also does not like to remain alone,

Yes it's not just about the race but the pack life of a dog myself a poodle mixed breed terrier and for 2 years have a Chihuahua to ... meet you with the two dogs on neutral ground (outside) and let them get to know each (if you do at home doing the Husky could in his district behave differently)

a husky is a endurance athlete - a havanese not ... therefore does not fit this together gemienschaft.

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