I 16 them 12 does this fit?

Hey guys I'm 16 years male and had what. With a 12-year-old on the music journey She and I got along from the start and still understand us but my Super freundeskreis is completely against it. With what had I meant only to kiss and cuddle. And she's really mature for her age. what you find? - Clear sex undso is taboo and that is clear to me

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When I was 15 I had something years with a 12, it's just the way that the girls grow up earlier and earlier today therefore does not proceed on age. You have to make what would be if it were your age you best thoughts, would you then like her character anyway or would find you do then too childish? If you would Like if it were then you should try it in your old. You'll you might need to listen few wisecracks, but if you will love you do not care.

As such, I find that the age should not play a major role, but 12 is just extremely young!

Yes well is already a relatively big difference ... you have to decide what you think is right :) Good luck

I think that fits. Your parents will not be great but morally because I had no concerns.

Hello, you can personalize it but try much can not expect you, because with 16 different opinion than 12. Nevertheless, I would not let my head fall :-)

This works out. Girls are anyway always more mature and arrive earlier in the puberty. And if you are serious with it then makes the best of it.


if you love her and she also .... you while nothing else happened, actually should not mind talking, in my opinion. Clear the age difference is large, but when you reach adulthood interessierts also anyone .... And as long as you nich lands in bed .... But you should be aware of so, as you write.

That you have to do to your sense !!

Good luck ;)


4 years go by comparison, that some 20 years and are married ... Just at the moment that sounds strangely apart. But morally is not so bad

Could be difficult for your parents to understand that.

And also, if you think it is very adult, 4 years is already a stark difference in age.

the other hand, your buddies are is clear. What do you want with so nem chicks. And there may be difficulties with the parents of her. If I were her father you would have a little problem.

Do not worry about it. What loves to be allowed to love them too. In 2 years, the situation looks even different. Your family and friends will then already understand it better. Do not let verunsicher by stupid comments.

Oh no 12? One can not do anything anyway but I think it's much too early.

Well now the 4 years is different weird but in 20 years, cares no more ...

Clear. Now this is perhaps strange but if you're both grown up, it is quite normal

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